head willie


I picked Willie up on March 20th, 2016 (on his 17th birthday) from Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Centre.

He is quite a bit overweight, had foundered, and is blind in one eye. And, he is beautiful.  He is friendly, playful, curious, and affectionate. He is an escape artist and loves to explore and chew just about anything. In other words, he's a Haflinger Laughing

hr brown

Well, the pecking order has been decided; Willie had to assume bottom position. I think his nose is a bit ouf of joint. Especially, since he has not had any equine pasture mates for a long time, I'm sure this is quite an adjustment for him. However, in terms of his weight loss, this is probably just what the doctor ordered. Although I have not seen Tika chase him, Willie moves swiftly out his way on a regular basis. 

He is learning to be a bit more respectful of my space as well. In order to convince him to leave the stall (after he snuck in while I wasn't looking), I do have to bring in a dressage whip - this boy knows that if he plants his feet, there's not much a mere mortal like me can do. That's OK. Two can play that game. I'm nothing, if not persistent Laughing

To call this horse 'a character' is a gross understatement Laughing

Willie lets himself OUT and also IN to his stall - never mind latches and hooks. He unzips my coveralls, if there is nothing edible to be found in my pockets. He 'pouts' by flapping his bottom lip when I say 'No' Eek 
He's certainly good for a laugh!

But, he's also very helpful. Bringing horses in at night has been a 3-minute deal all week. You really don't have to ask him twice. I call, I open his stall, and it's all 'Pardon me, coming through, MOVE!' after that. And then, he whinnies at Tika to get his behind inside. And it works! 

I've seen the first 'spook' from him, now, too. Well... it was more of an exaggerated twitch, really; his feet never moved. Thank you, I can handle that. I hope it'll be the same under saddle.

He and Tika seem totally at ease with each other... in fact, I have not yet been able to determine who is alpha. Willie seems utterly confident and calm - something, I hope will rub off on Tika.


2He's here, he's here Laughing 
And, on his birthday, too! Willie is a 14.2 hh Haflinger gelding, born March 20th, 1999.

After a very long trip, Willie and I arrived home safe and sound. What a guy! He walked in here as if he owned the joint. There isn't an ounce of drama in this little guy - what a treat Smile

I figured, I'd put the boys in the barn overnight for the first week or so, just to get some routine established and teach Willie that when I call and open the stalls, it's time to come inside. Well... you really don't have to ask him twice. He acts as if he's been here all his life. He struts right into his stall... no coaxing required.

Tonight, my plan was to measure him so that I will have a starting point. Unfortunately, my measuring tape is about an inch too short Eek The first picture here is quite flattering.. he really is a chunky butterball.

It would be lovely if the weather would turn nice again, so I can get some more pictures of him. I will need a good head shot, too, for his stall name plate :)