A date has been set to go get the butterball and bring him to my humble island dwelling. March 19th/20th.

It's been 7 months since I've had to say Good-bye to Sir Galahad. I did not want to have to look for a new horse; I expected us to have many more years together. It hasn't been easy finding a new horse, either. It made me realize what huge shoes Galahad left to fill (somewhat ironic, since he had small Arab feet). I will now give back Sable, my 'horse on loan', and welcome Willie to the family. Thank you, Sue and Heather... you have a lovely boy and he was a perfect guest for the past 3 months. I hope that Tika will adjust quickly; he and Sable have become very chummy.

So, I will set out next weekend to pick Willie up from Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Centre. If you ever feel like donating a few dollars to a good cause... do keep them in mind, please. I could write a book about what goes on there: the dedication, the compassion, the heart break, the phenomenal recoveries, and the love for horses.