Week three began with a couple of concerns. Willie's water consumption and a slightly swollen scrotum.

I think I've figured out the water issue: It seems that he doesn't like my water Roll Eyes He breaks the ice outside and happily empties puddles, but turns his nose up at water buckets in the barn. I have not actually seen him drink from the outdoor automatic waterer, either. Hrmpfh. Well, I'd hate to rain on his parade... but, those puddles are going to disappear eventually; he will have to learn to like the water. The good news is, he is not dehydrated, so for now, his strategy is working for him.

The other issue we took care of yesterday when my vet came out. Yes, I may be a bit paranoid... in my defense, the last time we dealt with what appeared to be simply a dirty sheath, my horse was diagnosed with cancer. Willie's endowment, however, is not in any way related to any disease but, simply what one might think it is: A dirty boy. So, we cleaned him up and sent him on his merry way. This was, of course, the first time my vet saw him... she had a big grin on her face and nodded her approval. Perfect horse for you, she said Laughing

** UPDATE **

Eeek! My farrier is going to come back this afternoon; last week, he had suspiciously eyed a fairly large piece of hoof wall that looked like it was trying to separate and break off. This morning, it definitely looks as if it is ready to come off. We were hoping to save it.. I hope, that's still an option. More later.

Whew. We took off what was inevitable to come off and filed everything around it round and smooth. Hopefully, the rest will stay and grow out. Fingers crossed. Would be awfully nice if the ground would stay thawed now, too. Doesn't look like it, though... a peek outside reveals a disturbingly pretty winter wonderland.