Whew... what a trip we've had.

But, it is trips like these, where one's faith in humanity is restored. We (3 tired humans and 2 horses) found ourselves stranded by the side of the highway, 1 1/2 hours short of our destination shortly before midnight. The truck had gone from purring along perfectly to undrivable in a matter of an hour. A few phone calls, and a gentleman (whom none of us had ever met), got out of bed, and into his truck, met us, hooked on to our horse trailer, and took us the rest of the way. Canadian Tire took care of retrieving the ill fated truck. And, throughout all of this, the horses were just AWESOME. Quiet, calm and patient.

It was 3am by the time horses were tucked into their stalls and I stumbled into bed. Willie and I made the last leg of the trip the following morning.

Thank you for good Samaritans, and the friends who put us in touch with them.