Well, the pecking order has been decided; Willie had to assume bottom position. I think his nose is a bit ouf of joint. Especially, since he has not had any equine pasture mates for a long time, I'm sure this is quite an adjustment for him. However, in terms of his weight loss, this is probably just what the doctor ordered. Although I have not seen Tika chase him, Willie moves swiftly out his way on a regular basis. 

He is learning to be a bit more respectful of my space as well. In order to convince him to leave the stall (after he snuck in while I wasn't looking), I do have to bring in a dressage whip - this boy knows that if he plants his feet, there's not much a mere mortal like me can do. That's OK. Two can play that game. I'm nothing, if not persistent Laughing

I had a lovely surprise visit from a dear friend yesterday; she managed to take a few pictures. I'm not fond of being photographed but, it is nice to have a few pictures of me and my boy(s).

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