ridingWell, it's a big jump from 6 months to 2 years 🙃

However, not much has changed. Willie has been sound and without shoes for over a year now. I recently switched from hay to long stem roughage cubes and I do have to watch the amount I am feeding him. Also, Tika (whose intolerance to the local hay prompted the change) is a slow eater... and Willie is more than happy to offer assistance with any leftovers. 

He moves ALOT, compared to the first few months. Walk, trot, canter, bucking and carrying on... a joy to see. He has become the horse of choice for the kids, and my partner Gregory.

Going out riding, he generally starts out slow and lazy but, becomes progressively more enthusiastic once we have passed the cattle grids and log bridge. He is a real little trooper and I couldn't be happier.