Now, that the butterball is here, let's get to work.
I tried to use my weight tape on him tonight... *ahem* ... it's about and inch too short. Guess, I'll need a longer one.

Right now, he is sound. He's had bar shoes on for about a week and a half. From what I've been told, he has shed roughly 100lbs in the past 4 weeks at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Centre


*UPDATE* March 22nd, 2016

OK, I managed to get a tape around him and he came in at 1288 lbs. I'm sure that's not right but, I'm not so much concerned with accuracy at the moment; being able to confirm weight loss is more important.


His feed regimen to start out:

1 bale of hay during the day (on the ground) between 2 horses
1/2 bale of hay in Nibble Net overnight (he ate a little over half last night)
2 cups of Equilibrium (Purina) Optimal


And, since he is so totally calm and easy going, I think I will start him in the round pen this week as well. Normally, I would give him at least a week to settle in... but this little guy acts as if he owns the joint... I really don't think a 10-15 minute workout is going to upset him Laughing