What I'm about to share is difficult to put into words. It's perhaps one of those things where 'You had to be there'.

A couple of years ago, it occurred to me, that the atmoshpere in my little barn had changed. I wasn't exactly sure when, only, that it probably hadn't just happened the day I became aware of it.

Our little herd of 3 at the time (Tika, Galahad, and I) felt utterly comfortable, safe, and at peace with each other. This was true for all of us together, or with one of us taken out of the equation. It was winter, the horses came in every evening, and I would spend a few minutes with each of them before leaving them for the night. You know.. crazy horse people stuff. Talking about the day, 'n such. There was an air of calm, a sense of peace, trust, and love. Intimacy, without necessarily the need to touch. 

Fast forward to this week. Tika and I always have that bond, that trust... possibly even more so since Galahad had passed away. Last Sunday, Willie joined our little herd. There was no drama, no 'adjustment', it was remarkably anti climactic. 2 nights ago, I became aware of that sense of peace again. And again, the 2 horses with each other, and each of them with me. That new little gelding doesn't know me from Adam; yet, he lowers his head and takes a 1/2 step back when I open his stall. He welcomes me into his space. He is peaceful with me there.

I don't know if non-horsey people can possibly relate to this. For this large creature, a prey animal to put his trust in a human, a predator... is just an incredible gift.

I wish for every person on earth to be able to experience this gift of peace.