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As the website title might suggest, I reside on Manitoulin Island. Probably one of the loveliest places you could ever hope to call home.

Manitoulin is the largest freshwater lake island in the world. Flanked by the waters of Lake Huron to the South and West, Georgian Bay to the East, and the North Channel to the North, the island boasts cozy little marinas around every corner, which make for a boater's paradise. Add to that miles and miles of trails through forests and along the Niagara Escarpment... and it appeals to just about any outdoor enthusiast Smile

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Greetings from the frozen North!

Well, I do believe, this is a first... unwilling and unable to let horses out this morning. The world we woke up to this morning, was an icy, treacherous, and unhospitable one. Getting down the driveway to the barn was a near neck breaking affair. I am SO sick of winter!!!! I just want to yell and shout and stomp my feet... but it doesn't seem to make it go away! 

I can't wait 'til Spring. CANNOT wait to get out of this frozen tundra. That is all.

3 weeks ago, we lost the youngest member of the family. Olivia Mae was 2 years old when she passed away unexpectedly.

I say unexpectedly, even though she had been quite sick. I say unexpectedly, because you just don't expect a 2 year old to die. I say unexpectedly, because she had made some great progess in the last 6 months or so and there was no indication that anything was seriously wrong.

Olivia was born with a condtion called Hydroencaphaly. Basically, part of the brain does not develop (properly or at all) and is replaced by cerebral fluid. In Olivia's case, this was a direct result of having suffered a stroke in utero. There really is no explanation as to why this happens. There 'may' be a genetic component but even that is somewhat speculative.

So, summer has finally arrived... and life has got busy. I tend to forget (while whining about cold and wishing for summer) just how much there is to do and how short the window of opportunity really is (planting gardens, etc.). So now, I'm moaning about there not being enough hours in a day 😏

My little farm/petting zoo has been joined by 6 lovely laying hens; I really did miss my chickens over the last 8 years. The horses are well and I'm desperately trying to find more time for them. Herc and Miss Bubbles are plodding along nicely; everyone seems to have adjusted well.

All in all, I really adore my new life. The place, the company, and even the work that goes along with it. Little by little, the flower gardens emerge from the towering weeds, and at least some dinner ingredients come from the backyard. Yup. I'm loving it 😃

Ohhh... should I open my big mouth? ?
Yesterday was soooo gorgeous out; coffee outside, burning the last of the cardboard left over from moving and new purchases, raking (admittedly, it was mostly mud) in front of the house a bit... it almost does feel like spring!

I just realized that a year ago today (March 20th), I brought Willie home. Different home, then. Also makes me think how much has changed since then. Whew. Life is pretty amazing. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I get excited every year when it looks like old man winter may be on his way out. But, this year, even more so. I can't wait to find out what sort of garden I have to work with! I seem to have a lot of lilies here (and hostas but, I knew that). A few little green things are poking out; they could well be daffodils. I should know in a few days. I walked around and scouted out a location for a veggie garden and a fire pit, too.

In other news, I've finally found my way back to the gym (yayy!) and Herc and I are going to start exploring our surroundings on foot very shortly here; I heard a rumor that the snow mobile trail isn't far from the house... that should make for great riding ?

We're in the midst of winter... in theory, this would be the time to paint walls 'n such. Instead, work is in full swing and little has got done since before Christmas. However, here are a few pictures of the house - inside and out :)

😍 I love my new life. It's still a bit hectic with getting settled in and Christmas around the corner but, I adore almost all of it. Taking care of horses has become a bit more cumbersome... I'm not gonna lie: I do miss that beautiful barn in Mindemoya. But, we make do. Looking out the window and actually seeing my horses is wonderful. Admittedly, I have to crouch by the window and squint real hard through the trees 😉 Unless, they are out by the water trough... but, I never seem to be able to catch them there.


The house is coming along, the boxes are getting fewer, and one room has even been painted. That was my Christmas present to myself. Next up, is the barn. I had a wonderful friend help me with cutting down a bunch of small trees right in front of the horse stalls. In my eyes, they were just an accident waiting to happen. So, once I rehang some doors (so they actually close) I can start a routine of bringing the fur monsters in at night. All in all, they seem to be happy and content. As are Herc and Miss Bubbles. All is well in the Canadian Hinterland!


In a couple of days, the house will be buzzing with kids and grand kids... I can't wait 😄