Good grief, where does the time go?

WP 20170113 12 10 38 ProIt's almost been a year since Willie bulldozed his way into my home and heart. As you may remember, Willie came foundered and severely overweight.

All in all, he shed around 300lbs from when he first arrived at Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue; 100lbs during the month spent there and another 200lbs since, with me. For the past 3 months or so, I am not doing anything special for him anymore and his weight is stable. One big scoop of Purina Optimal (he's come to almost like it, btw.) and 1/2 - 3/4 bale of hay. His feet are awesome! We have gone to smaller, regular shoes in the front only and, if everything remains as is, will try him without shoes, come spring and softer ground. My farrier is thrilled with his progress and recovery.

Willie must be feeling good, judging by his antics when I come to feed them ? There is much running and bucking and farting and general carrying on! He is super vocal.. calls as soon as I set foot outside the door (a bit of a stalker, if you ask me!).

His left (blind) eye seems to be shrinking. There may also have been a bit of a flare up after our move. A couple rounds of (more preventative) penicillin and the colour has returned to normal. There was no discharge and he does not seem to experience any discomfort. 

So.. to summarize... he is doing awesome ? He is still very much a character and still a bit of a bulldozer. We will work on that again, once the weather gets a little warmer.