Ok. So, I have to brag for just a minute here Tongue out

In 8 weeks with me, Willie has lost about 120lbs. The weight tape went from 1288lbs to 1132lbs - the crest on his neck went from 121cm circumference to 118cm. He's had 2 trims in the back and one trim in the front. The next farrier visit is scheduled for next week; back trim and front shoe replacement.

There's plenty of running, bucking, fartin' and general carrying on - so, I know he's feeling pretty good.

We also had another (very short - on account of that lovely Spring weather) ride today and I'm not sure what happened between last time and today; we had beautiful halts today and wayyyyy better back ups. Thank you, I'll take it!

Tika went to 'camp' (more like boot camp) on Thursday night, so Willie is a tad bit lonesome out there. Which is probably why, when he realized that I was on my way back to the barn this afternoon, he whinnied and GALLOPPED after me, darn near plowing me over Laughing I have to say, that he is one of the sweetest horses I have met. This is from today:

Willie May