Last night, I found out that Willie's registered name is "Hawthorne William". Today, I  found out a little more.

Would you care to venture a guess as to where Hawthorne Farms was located (they are no longer in operation)? In Sheguindah First Nation Territory - on Manitoulin Island Laughing Hawthorne Farms was one of the most reputable and prominent Haflinger breeding farms in Northern Ontario for sure, if not Ontario overall.

So, it really is no wonder that he walked in here as if he knew the place - Willie has come full circle. He was born a short 1/2 hour drive away from his current and forever home.

He had made his way to Niagara, then resided in the Hamilton area... and now has come home. Coincidence? I think not. 

The owner of what used to be Hawthorne Farms is wintering down south; I will get in touch with her once she returns. Wouldn't it be so cool if she actually had baby pictures?