😍 I love my new life. It's still a bit hectic with getting settled in and Christmas around the corner but, I adore almost all of it. Taking care of horses has become a bit more cumbersome... I'm not gonna lie: I do miss that beautiful barn in Mindemoya. But, we make do. Looking out the window and actually seeing my horses is wonderful. Admittedly, I have to crouch by the window and squint real hard through the trees 😉 Unless, they are out by the water trough... but, I never seem to be able to catch them there.


The house is coming along, the boxes are getting fewer, and one room has even been painted. That was my Christmas present to myself. Next up, is the barn. I had a wonderful friend help me with cutting down a bunch of small trees right in front of the horse stalls. In my eyes, they were just an accident waiting to happen. So, once I rehang some doors (so they actually close) I can start a routine of bringing the fur monsters in at night. All in all, they seem to be happy and content. As are Herc and Miss Bubbles. All is well in the Canadian Hinterland!


In a couple of days, the house will be buzzing with kids and grand kids... I can't wait 😄